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I was home from Germany for 2 weeks. Kimberly did AMAZING work with my 10 month old daughter (Joanna) in the short time we had. Joanna was floating on her own by the end of the second week. She made my baby feel comfortable, eased her fears, and provided a safe and wonderful learning environment. When we return to the States at the end of the year, we will definitely be going back to Kimberly to refresh the foundation that Kimberly provided, and continue learning.

Going into this, I wasn't really sure that a 10 month old could learn to swim and float. Now I am most certainly a believer. Water is plentiful in Florida. Drowning is preventable. Teaching babies and young children to swim is gifting them a skill that will last a lifetime, and can potentially save their life.

~Marlette Toole- Baby Joanna , Age 10 months

Impressive Program! My one year-old daughter took lessons with Miss Kim in April, and we are absolutely amazed at the results. We practice rolling and floating whenever we are in the water, and we always get comments from people who see what she can do. With all the water around us, every child in the state should do this program - their little lives are worth far more than the cost of the lessons. Miss Kim is a gifted instructor and we are fortunate to have her here in Brevard County. 

~Samantha Pitite - Baby Isabella, Age 16 months

Definitely worth the initial apprehension. My son has learned so much from attending lessons with Miss Kim. He was scared and disliked the lessons at first and fussed a lot but now he loves them and he has learned so much. He's able to confidently jump in from the side of the pool and float whenever he doesn't find an object that he can easily swim to. Miss Kim exhibits a kind and calm manner with all the children. She is able to connect with each child to keep their focus, while easing their apprehension and giving them instruction in a way that they follow her commands. This was such a great experience!

~Christina Rouse - Baby Micheal, Age 2 years