The video to the right is a mother's response to critics claiming she was neglecting her baby when it fell into the water, in response to a video that recently went viral on the web. The video showcases a baby saving herself upon falling into a pool and was featured on FOX News. This mother was in fact, using the video to promote the very mission that she and we at Early Learning Swim Academy (ELSA) stand for.

Our mission at ELSA is to educate the public about water safety and the importance of getting swim lessons at a very young age. It's our mission to teach as many kids as possible to swim and learn how to save themselves if an accidental fall into water was to occur. It's our mission to prevent as many drowning accidents as possible, by providing quality, life saving skills, all while maintaining appreciation for a safe and fun aquatic environment. It's our mission to enable your child save themselves, develop a love for swimming and the foundation for proper swimming technique.

Our vision is to make infant/toddler survival swim lessons so mainstream that everyone who has a baby from this point forward knows their baby can swim! It's our vision to help baby swimming transition from a mysterious, taboo idea into a household commonplace subject as normal as a child learning how to crawl or walk. We want every parent to make sure their child knows how to swim by their 1st birthday. It's our vision that the skills your child will learn will inspire and encourage others to get their child swimming as soon as possible as well. It's our vision to never see another water-wing or floatie on another child in another pool ever again!

Early Learning Swim Academy (ELSA) proudly supports and donates a portion of it's proceeds to The Gift of Swimming, which provides access to drowning prevention resources and education for the community's underprivileged, mentally or physically challenged or otherwise disadvantaged.

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